A full bag of crispy and crunchy sources of protein! The liver snack has a meat consistency of 93% making it one of the most meat dense snacks available at Nordic Purity. Expect your pet to run at you once you open the bag as the delicious scent of the tasty, natural aromas fill the room. These bite-size liver snacks are suitable even for the little kitties and puppies. Take the resealable bag with you for the walks and treat your friend knowing that each bite consists of nutrients and protein.

  • Consistency: Liver (41%, Finland), beef and fibers
  • Nutritional content: Crude protein 48%, crude fat 28%, crude fiber 8% annealing residue 2%
  • Meat content 93 %
  • Approximately 260 g of fresh meat has been used for one bag of treats (120g)
  • Grain-free
  • No artificial preservatives or colors
  • Made in Finland

Our treats always contain only one source of protein so that you can find the most suitable option for your furry friends.