Fill up the tummy with these yummy tummy treats! Nordic Purity tummy treats are freeze-dried treats suitable for both dogs and cats. The freeze-drying process ensures that the flavors and aromas stay almost identical to the fresh produce. These high-protein snacks are guaranteed to give an energy boost to your pets! Chop the sticks at home and give them as a treat when taking your pet for a walk or training. The treats do not stain clothes due to their dense consistency. Suitable for all ages and breeds.

  • Consistency: Finnish beef stomach, fibers
  • Nutritional content: Crude protein 36.6%, crude fat 30.3%, crude fiber 8.4% annealing residue 3.1%
  • Meat content: 90 %
  • Approximately 250 g of fresh meat has been used for one bag of treats (120g)
  • Grain-free
  • Made in Finland

Our treats always contain only one source of protein so that you can find the most suitable option for your furry friends.